Within and beyond the Limits of Science

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Marian Przełęcki

Within and beyond
the Limits of Science

Logical Studies of Scientific
and Philosophical Knowledge

Edited by Jacek Jadacki

ISBN 978-83-7507-111-5
Format B5, s. 292, bibliografia, indeks



Part I. Logic of Empirical Sciences

1. Empirical Theories: Observational and Theoretical Terms
2. Final Remarks to the Polish Edition of "The Logic of Empirical Theories" (fragments)
3. The Semantics of Open Concepts
4. A Model-Theoretic Approach to the Problem of Interpretation of Empirical Languages
5. Empirical Meaningfulness of Quantitative Statements
6. An Approach to Inexact Measurement
7. Interpretation of Theoretical Terms: in Defence of an Empiricist Dogma
8. On Identifiability in Extended Domains
9. Conceptual Continuity Through Theory Changes
10. A Set-Theoretic versus a Model-Theoretic Approach to the Logical Structure of Physical Theories
11. Is the Notion of Truth Applicable to Scientific Theories?
12. On Comparing Philosophical Conceptions of Scientific Theories

Part II. Scientific Philosophy

13. On Possibility and Possible Worlds
14. Fuzziness as Multiplicity
15. On the Concept of Vacuous Occurrence of Terms: a Contribution to a Logical Dictionary
16. On the Meaning of Indexicals
17. The Law of Excluded Middle and the Problem of Idealism
18. Semantic Reasons for Ontological Statements: the Argumentation of a Reist
19. On the Model-Theoretic Definition of Truth

Part III. Philosophy Beyond the Limits of Science

20. Truth-Value of Ethical Statements: Some Philosophical Implications of the Model-Theoretic Definition of Truth
21. The Meaning of Life
22. Rationality in the Domain of Evaluation


23. Peter M. Williams, Review of The Logic of Empirical Theories
24. Jacek J. Jadacki, On the Extra-Scientific Knowledge and the Ways of Expressing It



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