The Meeting of Scotland and Europe (ebook PDF)

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The Meeting of Scotland and Europe e-book PDF

Edited by Aniela Korzeniowska & Izabela Szymańska

Wydawnictwo Naukowe Semper, Warszawa 2024

ISBN 978-83-7507-327-0
Size B5, 254 pages

This is the ninth publication, including an ANGLICA (An International Journal of English Studies) special issue devoted to Scotland (2020), to appear in our Scottish series, six of which have been the outcome of our Scotland in Europe conferences that we initiated in 2012. We celebrated our tenth anniversary in September 2022 with yet another fascinating and extremely fruitful meeting of scholars coming from a variety of countries and working within Scottish Studies in different parts of the world. The result of this meeting, of our discussions and exchange of views and experiences are presented in the following collection. It is divided into six parts, the first three being concerned with historical, political, and literary encounters respectively. The fourth part is devoted to Scotland’s most famous bard, Robert Burns, and his reception in Europe, the fifth to translation, while the sixth brings us up to our present times and to Scotland’s perspectives in a UK post-Brexit world.

Table of Contents



Part I. Historical Encounters

Clément Guézais: Signed with Ink or Written in Blood? Contemporary Uses and Medieval Narratives of the “Auld Alliance”

Paweł Rutkowski: Small Things in Motion: Jacobite Material Culture in the 18th Century

Part II. Political Encounters

Katarzyna Gmerek: That Gloomy Dreamer. A Scottish Teacher of 19th-Century Eastern European Romantics

Katarzyna Pisarska: Totalitarianism and the Political Imagination in Interbellum Scottish Utopian Literature

Aniela Korzeniowska: Ali Smith and Ian Rankin. How Two Contemporary Scottish Novelists Bring the European Past into the Present

Silke Stroh: Scottish Writers of Colour and Their Place in the Canon: A European Perspective

Part III. Literary Encounters

Anastasiia Fediakova: Existentialism and Doubleness in the Works of Iain Crichton Smith

Dominika Lewandowska-Rodak: James Robertson and Roland Barthes: the Role of Photography in And the Land Lay Still

Part IV. Robert Burns in Europe

Aleksandra Budrewicz: The Polish Reception of Robert Burns in the 19th Century

Jochen Petzold: From Depoliticising Burns to Trumpeting the Revolution: Ferdinand Freiligrath and the Reception of Robert Burns in Germany

Part V. Translation Encounters

Izabela Szymańska: George MacDonald in Poland. The Image of the Author in Paratexts Accompanying Polish Translations of His Works

Attila Dósa: Recent Translation and the Reception of Scottish Literature in Hungary: Trends, Tendencies and Paradigm Shifts

J. Derrick McClure: An Aspect of the Polish Presence in Modern Scottish Literature

Adrianna Stańczak: Myth and Folklore in the Scottish Landscape of Matthew Fitt’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stane

Part VI. Post-Brexit Perspectives

Barry Keane: The Allegiance of Topography in Alan Riach’s The Winter Book (2017)

Uwe Zagratzki: “Europe for Scotland” – The Contextualisation of a Political Campaign

Wojciech Lewandowski: Not So Much United: Comics, Scotland, and the Future of the Post-Brexit United Kingdom

Name Index

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