Male infected with HPV

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Marek Sikorski

Male infected with HPV

ISBN 978-83-7507-302-7
Semper Publishers, Warszawa 2021
Size A5, p. 130

A lot has been said about HPV infecting women: we know the burden of HPV related genital lesions occurring in female genital tract and we stay impressed by the mechanisms the virus exerts its dangerous action there. Some protective measures are already available – for a long time – as cervical cytological screening, or for a dozen of years – as vaccines. It is proper to concentrate on subjects at highest hazard, and women certainly ought to be in the scope. However, somewhere, from time to time, the male factor is rising. It usually occurs in the context of an ugly vector transmitting the plague to the otherwise innocent subjects, with no harm to itself, and with deceivingly healthy organs. This book is to look a bit closer to the HPV infected male. To spot what is often clearly visible though shamefully hidden, as nasty genital warts are, and which cannot be just denied, disguised, and forgotten as benign and harmless. To re‐ visit the issue of circumcision as the measure of protecting from eventual penis lose, described, and recommended by Holy Books of ancient ages already. Then, to examine what can finally happen if the old and pretty well-known HPV is far too clever at the penile mucosa playground. And to draw the attention to the anal canal, where a lot is happening every day, but sometimes with the disturbing consequences when HPV is involved. Finally, to evoke the interest in vaccinating males – often unarmed against the infections, neglected, and left with no attention. Saying it seriously – this elaboration is to try to bridge the gap in our inter‐gender asymmetrical concern in HPV related health problems.

Table of content



Male Circumcision and the Risk of HPV Infections

Genital warts

Cancer of penis

Carcinoma of anal canal

Vaccination against HPV in males

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