Imaging Scottishness

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Imaging Scottishness

European and Domestic Representations


Edited by Aniela Korzeniowska and Izabela Szymańska


ISBN 978-83-7507-242-6

Size B-5, 325 pages, illustrations


Table of Contents


Notes on Contributors


Aniela Korzeniowska and Izabela Szymańska

Introduction: Scotland Perceived and Received


Part I. The Translation and Reception of Scottish Literature in Europe


Susanne Hagemann

A Biographical Approach to Translation: The Case of Wilhelm Adolf Lindau and Walter Scott


Uwe Zagratzki

Lost or Maintained in Translation? – Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s A Scots Quair in Germany


J. Derrick McClure

Bringing Gaelic Poetry to Europe


Jessica Aliaga Lavrijsen

Bridging Linguistic Barriers in Contemporary Scottish-Spanish Literary Translation: Banks, Kelman, McCabe and Welsh


Agnieszka Piskorska

The Importance of Being a Scot


Ewa Kujawska-Lis

How Scottish is Trainspotting in Polish Translation?


Part II. Contemporary Scottish Drama in Poland: Represented?


Barry Keane

Rona Munro’s Iron in Poland


Wojciech Parchem

The Troubled Presence of Contemporary Scottish Plays on Polish Stages


Part III. Scottish-Polish Historical Contacts


Katarzyna Kłosińska

Agents of Change” – The Scottish Contribution to the Modernisation of the Kingdom of Poland in the 19th Century


Katarzyna Gmerek

Poles in 19th-Century Scotland


Joanna Witkowska

Scottish Landscapes, Polish Mindscapes – Wartime Scotland in Antoni Wasilewski’s Recollections


Part IV. Perceptions of Scotland: Real or Imagined?


Marion Amblard

A French Gentleman’s Tour in Scotland. Franco-Scottish Social and Cultural Connections in Barthélémy Faujas de Saint-Fond’s Travels in England, Scotland, and the Hebrides


Sabrina Juillet Garzon

The Place of Scotland in the 1623 Marriage Negotiations with Spain


Part V. Multimedial Scotland


Michał Mazurkiewicz

Golf in Art: Sports Passions in Scottish Painting


Wojciech Lewandowski

Heavy History – Difficult History. Scottish National Myths and History Interpreted by a German Heavy Metal Band


Aleksandra Ożarowska

O Flower of Scotland, when will we see your like again... Modern Productions of Scottish-Themed Operas Based on Literary Works


Tomasz Stajszczak

Scotland in a Multimedia World: The Scottish Digital Media Industry


Part VI. Images of Identity


Katarzyna Jaworska-Biskup

The Role of Law in Shaping Identity in Medieval Scottish Legal and Literary Texts


Ewa Szymańska-Sabala

Negotiating Freedom through Desire: The Female Outlook on Community Constraints in Jessie Kesson’s Another Time, Another Place


Markéta Gregorová

From Scotland to Spain and Back in Alan Warner’s Morvern Callar


Halszka Leleń

Exploring Identity through the Melancholic Muse and Nostalgic Narrative in The Storm and Fishermen with Ploughs by George Mackay Brown


Petra Johana Poncarová

The Best Scottish Gaelic Novel? Reception and Analysis of Tormod Caimbeul’s Deireadh an Fhoghair


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