Emerging Issues in Sexually Transmitted HPV Infections

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Marek Sikorski

Emerging Issues in Sexually Transmitted HPV Infections


ISBN 978-83-7507-277-8

Wydawnictwo Naukowe Semper, Warszawa 2019

Size A5, 114 pages, hard cover


Dr. hab. Marek Sikorski is the Associated Professor at University of Jan Kochanowski in Kielce, Poland. For over 20 years deeply involved in scientific research in the eld of genital HPV infections, actively participated in HPV vaccines introduction in Poland. Recognized HPV specialist, author of first Polish monograph “Human Papillomavirus in Gynaecology” issued in 1998, and several other books on this topic – “HPV Vaccines”, “HPV Infections – Theory and Practice” and co-author of “Gynaecological Cytopathology atlas”.

In this concise monograph we take a closer look at several topics related to sexually transmitted infections HPV infections which emerged recently along with the accumulated knowledge. From the strictly biological view point – the phenomenon of epithelial HPV latency and its significancy in cervical cancer prophylaxis, particularly in mid-adult women, through clinical considerations encompassing the population effects of HPV vaccines achieved so far, HPV vaccine adverse events and possible vaccination schemes alterations to the social perspective of the reasons for the HPV vaccine hesitancy. The book is addressed to specialists in gynaecology, designed to serve as comprehensive yet condensed overview of current vulnerable points in HPV research.

Table of content


1. Are promises met? Population effects of HPV vaccination

2. Still not enough. HPV vaccine coverage and vaccination acceptance issue

3. Three, two, one... The best dose scheme of HPV vaccines

4. Why don’t they want? Social reluctance to HPV vaccination

5. The sum of all fears. HPV vaccines adverse events

6. HPVs are for ever. HPV epithelial latency issue

7. Too late? Mid‐adult women cervical cancer prophylaxis

8. To screen or not to screen? Molecular HPV detection in population screening


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