Anti-irrationalism. Philosophical Methods in the Lvov-Warsaw School

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Anna Brożek, Marcin Będkowski, Alicja Chybińska, Stepan Ivanyk, Dominik Traczykowski


Philosophical Methods in the Lvov-Warsaw School

ISBN 978-83-7507-301-0
The Lvov-Warsaw School Research Center. Series of Monographs: 1
Size B-5, 640 pages, photos, bibliography, index of names

Table of Contents

The book is a result of a project completed by the authors entitled “Philosophy from the methodological point of view. The condition and perspectives of philosophy in light of the paradigm of the Lvov-Warsaw School”. One of the aims of the project was to reconstruct the methodological paradigm of the Lvov-Warsaw School (further: LWS). The present book constitutes such a reconstruction.

The term “anti-irrationalism”, which appears in the title of this book and which was invented by Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz, reflects to the greatest degree the methodological ideals of the LWS. Usually, two such ideals are mentioned: clarity and criticism, as presented in the postulates of clarity of speech and justification of theses. Of course, these ideas and respective postulates have to be supplemented by the ideal of cooperation and the postulate of diligent exchange of ideas


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